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we discuss whether buying affection is good or bad. Does accepting gifts make you wrong?

Disclaimer: There is talk about various areas of anatomy and the functions of that anatomy that may be NSFW (or not safe for younger ears). Also, we aren't medical professionals, t...

We talk about Shaun's quater-life crisis. Erik is already too old for a quater-life crisis so we mock him. Luckily he doesn't believe in mid- or quarter- life crisiseses. 

We discuss the horrible failures we have experienced when it comes to flirting. From misreading intentions to flat out no-no's. 

Angela has been having dating woes while trying to find a girlfriend. Shaun & Erik try offering different ideas that might help her out. These are good tips on how to find new ...

We are joined by special guest Tonie who talks about Being a cam model and the marginalization of sex workers. Angela also shares a meme she made to the horror of Erik. 

Backdoor Taboo!!

We discuss the growing acceptance of taboo acts. Exit Only has become Exit Occasionally. 

In this episode, we allow Erik to unleash his obsession with Netflix's documentary Abducted In Plain Sight. It is the story of the abduction of Jan Broberg, who was abducted, condi...

Our first episode of season two is introducing Shaun, our newest guest host. Join us for our inquisition of Shaun and feel free to send us your questions.

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